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Saturday, January 24th, 2009 08:44 pm
Okay, so a while ago I shared a bunch of Millennium era footage and said more was on the way? Well several months down the road, I have finally converted some more files.

They mostly focus on the early years, but there is a little Black & Blue and Millennium thrown in there. Quality is also a little downgraded in a few of these, so I apologise for that but they're the best I could get them considering the footage has probably been transferred between several tapes. A couple of the videos are insanely quiet, but it's the highest sound I could get them (tv was on as loud as possible).

Just so you know, most of these are a bit vague with the dates. If you can be more precise with anything, please let me know!

1996-xx-xx - GMTV - I'll Never Break Your Heart // Lip syncing alert! But, baby!boys are always worth watching.
1996-xx-xx - MTV Hanging Out - Get Down // This performance and the one below and really, really good, but this one especially. AJ/Brian singing at the end together is just full of win.
1996-xx-xx - MTV Hanging Out - We've Got It Goin' On
1996-xx-xx - MTV Hanging Out - Brian & Nick // The picture quality on this is pretty crappy, but Brian & Nick are adorable, so yes.
1996-xx-xx - O-Zone - Bowling // Again, quality is pretty poor, but lots of cuteness. :)
1996-xx-xx - Box Talk // Footage of the boys at Disneyland Paris. Sound is very low on this, but I couldn't ignore the CUTE.
1996-xx-xx - CBBC Interview // I find the interviewer hugely annoying in this. I kind of want to smack her.
1996-xx-xx - Big Breakfast - We've Got It Goin' On // This pains me to say this, but THEY ARE LIP SYNCING. Woe.
1997-xx-xx - Live & Kicking - Quit Playing Games // Lip syncing, also beware of the random loud screams in this, it will scare you to death.
1997-xx-xx - National Lottery - Anywhere For You // Really good performance, however Brian's shirt is HUGE.
1997-xx-xx - Big Breakfast // Everybody a capella, few snippets of an interview and Brian does a mini backstage tour!
1997-xx-xx - Big Breakfast - Quit Playing Games // Ignore the random people in this video, I have no idea what they're doing either.
1997-xx-xx - Big Breakfast - Interview // This one is interesting. There is a very specific question about the ladies of the ALAYLM video, and they all go tight lipped. Sadly the camera doesn't pan to Brian, but you know what they're all thinking, lol.
1997-xx-xx - Electric Circus - Go Karting // Singing in spanish and go karting, awesome!
1997-xx-xx - Fully Booked // Interview backstage, also Brian gets frustrated when he can't make a basket.
1997-xx-xx - This Morning - As Long As You Love Me // Picture a little iffy. Also, damn producers cut the boys off!
1998-xx-xx - BBC1 - Fans meets BSB // Andi Peters takes a fan to meet BSB in New York. They sing a capella to her.
1998-05-xx - Red Nose Awards - Howie // Howie giving an acceptance speech for an award via video.
1999-xx-xx - Diggit - Brian & Howie // This is some PRIME A footage of Brian/Howie.
2000-xx-xx - Lexington News - Littrell Family Golfing // Picture quality is kinda poor, but I don't think this has ever been shared. It's basically talking about Brian's engagement to Leighanne, but there's footage of him with his family while they golf.
2000-07-20 - Party in the Park - Interview with Elton John // Don't think this has been shared before. An interview with BSB (minus AJ) and Elton John!
2000-11-xx - Entertainment Today // Hugely awkward interview. The boys obviously couldn't be bothered when they did this, it's really quite amusing. But! They do sing a capella and sing SOMH.
2000-11-xx - London Tonight // Interview at Virgin in London. This is also slightly awkward. However, we learn who they all wanted to vote for in 2000! (Kevin/AJ - Gore, Howie/Nick - Bush, Brian - Neither, though Nick tries to persuade him to go for Bush, lol.)
2000-11-xx - Diggit - Brian & AJ // Brian has fuzz and AJ has very tall hair!

And finally, a big old file from their Asian promo tour in October 1996:
1996-10-xx - SK Party // // Interview plus performances of We've Got it Goin' On (and an awesome rendition a capella - beat boxing and all!), Get Down, Just To Be Close and I'll Never Break Your Heart.

Comment if you download!